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Firearms & Dangerous Goods Disclaimer

ARMS N MORE LLC does not have the resources to verify all Local, and State Regulations, or Ordinances pertaining to Firearms, Ammunition, or other Dangerous Goods. It is the Purchasers Sole Responsibility to Know, Check, and Obey ALL Local, State, and Federal Laws & Regulations pertaining to the Purchase, and Use of All Regulated Goods. 

ARMS N MORE LLC does their best to follow all Local, and Federal Regulations, when it comes to the Purchase of Firearms, and other Dangerous Goods.

ARMS N MORE LLC is Not Responsible for, and is Released of All Financial, and Criminal Liability, of any Manufacturer Defects, Product Malfunctions, Personal Stupidity, Unsafe Practices, or Criminal Acts caused, or done by purchaser, or other parties who personally use the products we sell. 

By Purchasing from ARMS N MORE LLC, Purchaser agrees to be bound by this agreement. 

Purchaser agrees to take Full Responsibility for their own actions, and hold ARMS N MORE LLC Free of Any Liability. Both Criminally, and Monetarily Liable.

If you Do Not Agree with Our Policies, You are Free to Purchase Elsewhere. 

Thanks for your Understanding of Our Policies.